"Seit Mai 2011 besuche ich wöchentlich die Yogalektionen bei Shaktini. Dabei tanke ich Energie und habe das Gefühl, etwas Gutes für Körper, Geist und Seele zu tun. Was ich an Shaktini besonders schätze, ist ihre grosse Fachkompetenz, ihr Einfühlsvermögen und ihre fröhliche und leichte Art. Ich gehe immer mit voller Freude und einem guten Körpergefühl aus der Stunde in den Tag."

 Andrea, Stans


"After nearly ten years of back and neck problems, I initially went to Shaktini for private yoga therapy. I was skeptical, as many types of physiotherapy hadn’t solved my issues. After my first session, I was no longer skeptical. Shaktini rapidly diagnosed the sources of my problems and put together a comprehensive program of exercises that completely addressed them within a couple of weeks. I started to attend her excellent group classes shortly afterward, and began to also enjoy the spiritual aspects of yoga that Shaktini integrates so well with the physical.

I now practise yoga regularly and it has had a huge impact on my physical and mental well-being. Through Shaktini’s teaching I feel like I have a much better understanding of my body and how to look after it.

Yoga has changed my life for the better and I have Shaktini to thank for that.

Tom Knowles, Luzern ( 6.2018)

"I have been practising yoga for more than a year now, and I couldn't imagine a life without it. In Shaktini's classes I found the perfect balance between physical and spiritual teaching. Shaktini teaches with her lightness and joy and makes ever lesson a journey of its own."

Robin, Luzern, ( 10.11.16)

"Shaktini' is extremely experienced, energetic, fun and this all comes out in her classes. I love the personal touch that goes into every class and i very much appreciate the personal attention. No matter how full her classes may be, you always see the care that she has for each and every student. To top that up, the classes have a nice flow and she is able to adapt it for beginners right up to the more advanced student. I am already looking forward to my next class! " Erica, Luzern (6.2013)

"Für mich sind Deine Yogastunden sehr entspannend für Köper und Geist. Ich gehe mit einem guten Gefühl nach Hause und und einer Energie so, dass ich Bäume ausreissen könnte. Die Beweglichkeit wird gefördert und auch für die Muskeln hast Du immer eine schöne Uebung parat. Und zu guter Letzt kommen auch immer die Lachmuskeln zum Einsatz."

Andrea, Luzern ( 2014)

"Shaktini walks in the Light and teaches with an open heart, there is nothing more a student can ask for. Her classes are great for the

soul. Aligning with tradition, it encompasses aspects of yoga beyond asana. Being a yoga practitioner in modern times can be challenging.

She has taught me patience, dedication and devotion towards a lifetime of practice."

Calvin, Sydney, Australia

"I have been practising with Shaktini for 2 years now and I always learn something new in every class. She has a very deep knowledge of yoga, both on the spiritual and physical level. She always shows modifications and pays attention to every student, so the classes are suitable to all levels. Thanks to her, there is a very positive atmosphere in each class which makes it very easy to commit to the practice."

Francesca, Luzern (5.2016)

"It was Shaktini that first properly introduced me to yoga. I am always impressed by her skill, knowledge and experience in its application. She has a warmth and joyousness as a teacher and, by her own example, constantly reminds me of what yoga is really about."

Simon, Lismore, Australia


"Die Anweisungen sind verspielt heiter, gleichzeitig konsequent und genau, man ist frei und gut aufgehoben, die Stunden fliessen schnell vorbei und ich verlasse sie mit einem innern Lächeln und Wohlbefinden, und...Shaktini is a little sunshine:-)."

Sabine , Dallenwil ( 2013)

"Shaktini is an amazing yoga teacher, with a strong knowledge and respect for the yoga tradition. And at the same time she brings in a lot of energy into her classes making them accessible and fun for all levels."

Mauricio, Yogateacher, Luzern ( 2013)

"There is a lightness and joy to Shaktini's classes that is so refreshing. I always appreciate it when she reminds us to "turn up the corners of your mouths" while we are holding a challenging pose."

Katie, Luzern